About Us

Sandian Designs Inc. operated as a family owned supplier of powder coating services to manufacturers in the Huron-Perth area for twenty years. During our operation as a dedicated painting facility, we maintained a high level of customer satisfaction and cultivated a loyal customer base with our ability to maintain fast turnaround times with a high degree of quality.

Over the years, we developed our own distinctive approach to powder coating, with an emphasis on customer service and environmentally sustainable practices.

Our on-the-ground experience with powder coating and our design and equipment knowledge gave us the expertise to create our own custom-made powder coating lines. We developed a innovative, environmentally sustainable powder coating system that allowed us the versatility to paint to our numerous customers requirements.

After the building where we ran our business was sold, we were facing a difficult decision: try and find a new space to move our business to or pivot and use our wealth of powder coating knowledge in a different way.

Ultimately, we decided to use our expertise to create solutions to help other manufacturers resolve their problems when it comes to getting the finish they want for their products. From resolving quality issues to getting rid of bottlenecks in your production process, we can help. Call us today!