Custom Powder Coating Line Design and Implementation

Whether you are looking to install a new powder coating line, or retrofit an existing line, we have the expertise to help you accomplish that. From the initial analysis to determine your paint line needs through to performing your first full-scale production run, we are here to help you achieve powder coating success.

Our process begins with a simple conversation during which we will get preliminary details about your business, establish what your coating needs are, and schedule an on-site meeting.

Steps to Success:

1. On-site visit

  • After our initial conversation, we will perform an on-site assessment. During this assessment, we will: examine your space, determine the size and capacity requirements, and get a firsthand look at how your current finishing setup fits into your operation.

2. General Design & Quote

  • Following the on-site assessment, we will provide a general design sketch and quote for your custom solution specifically tailored to provide you with a solution that meets your business’s finishing requirements.

3. Drawings and Action Plan

  • Once the designs are finalized, we will get engineered drawings done and create an action plan to guide you through the implementation and integration of your new or altered finishing system.
  • The Action Plan will be a tailored strategy that will outline various items like new staffing and training requirements, workflow changes, shop layout adjustments, maintenance requirements, etc.

4. Build Oversight

  • During the building phase of the new or altered line, we will perform regular onsite visits and maintain close communication with installers to ensure that the installation runs as smoothly as possible. We will be available throughout the entire process to help address any obstacles or questions quickly and efficiently. With our practical experience and industry knowledge we will ensure the integrity of your line throughout the

5. Start-up and Training

  • After the line is completed, we will run through the initial start-up to confirm the line is functioning as intended and to work out any bugs.
  • Once the line is fully operational, we will begin hands-on training with staff. We will take employees through the line and train them at each station. Making sure paint staff are cross-trained allows for maximum flexibility and knowledge fortification. Managers and supervisors will receive the same training, as well as specific instruction on how to manage the line for optimal efficiency and productivity.

Contact Us today with any questions or to start the process of creating your very own custom powder coating line.